Welcome to Sunworks Living, a carefully curated shop with a 25 year history here in Red Deer, Alberta. We specialise in products that bring you joy, help you improve your life, and create warm fuzzy feelings in your world.

Photo Gallery

At some point soon, we are going to upload photos into this page.


Folks we do it every day. We waken early, come to the shop and create things for lunch. Usually a couple of soups, a stew, meat pies, scones of all different flavours, and of course our bread. We open at 8 a.m. Our first visitor every day, comes for a hot chocolate and a smile.


Hello Friends!

Recently I was reminded how important it is to have good conversations and how necessary it is to pay attention to what we create in our conversations, because words create worlds. Every conversation changes the future in some way. – Paul Harris The next question that arises is a consideration about what we wish to …


You can reach us by calling 403-341-3455. A real live person will pick up the phone. You also can email us at shop@sunworks.ca and we will get back you to eventually… probably in 3 to 90 hours. And the very best way to contact us is to come into the shop in the downtown of Red Deer, in person with a smile.