Hello Friends!

Recently I was reminded how important it is to have good conversations and how necessary it is to pay attention to what we create in our conversations, because words create worlds.

Every conversation changes the future in some way. – Paul Harris

The next question that arises is a consideration about what we wish to create through our conversations — they can be a powerful tools for good in the world, but if we aren’t careful they can have undesired consequences in our lives and the lives of others. Negativity begets negativity. Throwing muck gives you muddy hands.

Positivity and curiosity lead to improvement and growth. When we learn to listen to the thoughts of others and solicit input we become wiser and find new ways to be productive, to collaborate, and to be helpful in the world.

Over this past couple of months a number of people have come into the shop to have conversations about their futures. This has led to us to work together to create pop-up venues, guest chef evenings, and new services at Sunworks. 

I am excited about what is coming this summer, about what we can create together as we converse openly with one another.  

I’m around for coffee and a visit any time. Fix a time with me, and let’s stir up something good together.



Whip out that phone. Hold your camera up to this QR code. Hit the link, and send… and voilà you’ll be connected to Sunworks “What’s for Lunch” SMS service.  Oh my gosh we are so progressive.  Ha!

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